New Music ALERT

Rapper by the name of Broadway Blake out of Newark, NJ.

"As an artist, you know you only get one chance at a debut album. Whether it's Indie or Mainstream your first official album usually reflects the timeline of when you first had thoughts of being an artist up until your current point in life. When Internal Quest came to me with the idea for this album my goal wasn't to bring back an old sound but it was to bring back an old old vibe...The feel and vibe that made me fall in love with hip hop. I just wanted it to be about the Music...Lyrics...Flow...Concepts...Stories...My Story.. My Struggles..My Pain...My happiness and My Thoughts."

Broadway Blake's Broadway Empire CD and Digital Version available at
Broadway Empire also available on iTunes

Indy's Point : What do I think of Broadway's music? I was expecting "turn up" music. But some of his songs have you thinking , like another J.Cole if you will. You can tell there's experience in the lines he's saying. It's a very mellow album, something I can while getting dressed, or just having time to myself to think. It may not be everybody's taste, but it's REAL. Stay Tuned.

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