Rick Ross : "Nobody" (Official Video)

Rick Ross "Nobody" FT. French Montana & P.Diddy. Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Blood Sweat & Heels : Episode 7


Being Mary Jane : Episodes 8 & 9


School Boy Q: "Break The Bank" (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Emanny : "Pussy So Amazing" (Audio)

Emanny FT Joe Budden & Joel Ortiz "Pussy So Amazing". Listen here on Indy's Point!


Chris Brown : "Bitches" FT. Tyga (Audio)

Off  Chris Brown's new mixtape "Fan Of A Fan 2" here's his single "Bitches" FT. Tyga. Listen here on Indy's Point!

Plies : "When I Die" (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point !


Rick Ross: "Sanctified" FT. Kanye West & Big Sean (Audio)

Off his upcoming album Mastermind, Rick Ross features Kanye West and Big Sean on a song titled "Sanctified". Listen here on Indy's Point!


Nipsey Hussle FT. Pacman "Where Yo Money At" (Audio)

Listen here on Indy's Point!


Throwback Video : Jay Z "Change Clothes"

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


New Music Alert : Maine Skrapp

 Germaynn Cole better known Maine Skrapp was born in Jamaica Queens, then moved to the Bronx at the age of 2 where he now calls home.  Growing up in the Bronx in a low income housing area was rough. After several incidents in New York, he moved to Atlanta to live with his father, during his stay in Atlanta Maine did some soul searching and decided to pursue his passion of music. When he returned to New York, Maine began recording some of the music he had been working on. He continued to explore his talent then slowly began letting others hear his sound. Maine let Coreyo better known as “C.O.” (Animal Klik C.E.O.) hear some of his songs. Impressed by his style and approach to the music, C.O. signed Maine to Animal Klik and the rest is history. When asked what sets him apart from other artists/rappers in today’s music industry Maine replied, I’m the voice of da ghetto. I’ve been through everything from hustling, jail, fights, and losing friends. I understand how the average person in the hood feels and what they go through. My music is a direct reflection of the hood I’m from. Don’t misunderstand or misinterpret me and think I’m glorifying the streets; I’m simply trying to bring light to the situation of the ghetto.”  When asked about his position in hip hop Maine replied “I have a top spot in hip hop that is rightfully mine so get use to hearing and seeing Maine Skrapp.”  Check out Maine Skrapp's mixtape! (Link)  Maine Skrapp : I Got The Juice Now. Follow him on twitter! @MAINESKRAPP918. Follow him on Instagram @MaineSkrapp

Watch his latest music video here!


Indy's Point: I had the privilege of meeting Maine Skrapp and seeing him perform recently. Extremely humble man with a lot of potential. He definitely knows how to demand the stage and make people pay attention to what he's saying. I don't think he'll have trouble getting ahead in this industry. From what I've seen and did my research on he has a fan base. With the support of his label and the right people supporting him, no doubt that he won't make it. Look out for more of him on Indy's Point!

Single Ladies : S3EP8

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Stalley : "Midwest Blues" (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Pharrell : "Girl"

Pharrell set to release his album "Girl" March 3, 2014. With collabs from Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Daft Punk, and even Miley Cyrus. Here's a small peak into the making of the album and his tracklist. Here on Indy's Point!

01. Marilyn Monroe
02. Brand New (feat. Justin Timberlake)
03. Hunter
04. Gush
05. Happy
06. Come Get It (feat. Miley Cyrus)
07. Gust of Wind (feat. Daft Punk)
08. Lost Queen
09. FREQ
10. You Know Who You Are (feat. Alicia Keys)
11. It Girl


Troy Ave : "Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang" (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Beyoncé : "Partition" (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


50 Cent : "The Funeral" (Official Video)

Watch 50 Cent's new video "The Funeral" here on Indy's Point!


Katy Perry : "Dark Horse" FT. Juicy J (Official Video)

Watch Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" video here on Indy's Point!


Estelle : "Make Her Say (Beat It Up)" Audio

Watch Estelle's new video here on Indy's Point!


Basketball Wives LA : Season 3 EP 1

Watch it here on Indy's Point! 

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Being Mary Jane : Episodes 6&7

Episode 6


Episode 7


Watts On The Grind!

Let's congratulate Watts for the launch of his new website WattsOnTheGrind.com! It features his music and artists he's worked with, upcoming projects and events, and what "Watts On The Grind" is really about! Go check it out! Follow him on Instagram! @WattsOnTheGrind

Shard "Forever Eddie Kane (Trumpets)"

Rapper by the name of Shard out of Jersey City, apart of the trio Alpha 3 released his latest single titled "Forever Eddie Kane (Trumpets)" Listen here on Indy's Point! Follow him on Instagram! @RightBoyShard

Honey Ruthalina : Situationships Pt.2 (Audio)

Jersey Native singer/rapper Honey Ruthalina released her first single, a cover of Fabolous' "Slim Thick" titled "Situationships PT. 2" Listen here on Indy's Point! Follow her on Instagram ! @Honey_Ruthalina

Malice FT. Fam-Lay : "Blasphemy" (Official Video)

Malice of the Clipse FT. Fam-Lay titled "Blasphemy." Watch it here on Indy's Point!


AllOut Vlog Series 7 : All I Got

Check out AllOut's latest Vlog Series here on Indy's Point


Joe FT. Kelly Rowland "Love Sex" (Official Video)

Watch Joe's new video featuring Kelly Rowland, called "Love Sex" here on Indy's Point!


Ryan Leslie : Black Mozart Documentary

Watch Ryan Leslie's documentary to his album "Black Mozart " here on Indy's Point!


Beyoncé : "Drunk In Love Rmx" FT. Kanye West (Audio)

Listen here on Indy's Point!


Kevin McCall "Vibe Out" (Audio)

Listen here on Indy's Point!

J. Cole "She Knows" (Official Video)

J. Cole's new video "She Knows" Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Alicia Keys "Airplanes & Zebras" (Audio)

Alicia Keys' new single "Airplanes & Zebras" Listen here on Indy's Point!


JoJo : #LoveJo EP

JoJo just released this EP titled "#LoveJo" with 4 tracks including an Anita Baker cover! Listen here on Indy's Point!

Throwback Video! Case "Happily Ever After"

Just for Valentines Day, throwback video Case "Happily Ever After" on  Indy's Point!


Cassidy "Lookin Ass Bitches Rmx"

Cassidy has returned with his version of "Lookin Ass Bitches" and it's crazy! Listen here on Indy's Point!

Avenue N & Valentino

Check out all the lastest fashion on Nareasha Willis' blog called "Avenue N" She'll keep you updated with all your fashion do's for the season! From what's hot and from the worlds greatest designers, and who's wearing it! Stay Tuned. (Link) avenuen.net 

NEYO "3 Simple Rules" EP

NEYO releases a new EP titled "3 Simple Rules" just in time for Valentines Day evening! 4 new loving tracks to set your night off right! Listen here on Indy's Point!


New Music Alert : Aaron Camper

Remember, Aaron Camper will be performing live at DROM NYC February 18th! Here's his new single titled "Walk On" FT. Chris Dave. Listen here on Indy's Point!

Kanye West Rants About Sway & Charlamagne (Video)

Kanye West rants on stage about Sway and Charlamagne at a concert! Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Trey Songz "Lookin Ass Nigga Rmx" (Audio)

Trey Songz follows up behind Nick Minaj's new single titled "Lookin Ass Niggas" listen here on Indy's Point!


New Music Alert : AllOut 201

As a follow up to Nicki Minaj's "Lookin Ass Niggas," AllOut decided to rap about the women titled "Lookin Ass Bitches." Listen here on Indy's Point!

Nicki Minaj : Lookin Ass Niggas (Official Video)

Watch it here now on Indy's Point!


Ashanti FT. Rick Ross : I Got It (Official Video)

Watch it here on Indy's Point!

New Music Alert : Fuge

Fuge is on the pursuit to represent Staten Island, NY and New Jersey with his gritty lyrics portraying how a true go getter can turn nothing into something. With his recent mixtape ‘Get It On Both Sides’ he has gotten a lot of good feedback which proved that ambition and being versatile is the only way to survive in this music game. With a range of street buzz singles "Trill" Ft. LabelMate Feli Fame, "That Hard," "Do What I Do" and "We Next" Hip Hop should gear up for this young man. Stay tuned for more Fuge on Indy's Point!  

Here's Fuge's latest mixtape titled "Get It On Both Sides"
Rapper Fuge Introducing himself and future projects.

Throwback Video! Camron FT. Mase - Horse and Carriage

Watch it here on Indy's Point!


Controversy In The City

In Jersey City,  the luxury of rap is around all of us. With it being so many different music groups, the level of material coming out has become mediocrity. So one rapper by the name of Scraps Pinero put out a diss track to the "Designer Boys and Luxury Gang". They also returned with diss tracks early in the a.m. So you, the people decide who gets this. All in good clean fun on Indy's Point!

Throwback Video: P.Diddy, Mase & Carl Thomas "Been Around The World Remix"

WATCH Full Video Now! 


New Music Alert : Th3 Saga

Luis "Th3 Saga" Lebron was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1991. Growing up influenced by Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and list of other creative individuals, we see that Th3 Saga's range of music is very eclectic. He has worked along side a variety of other artists such as DNA (battle rapper), CHRIS, R&B Legend Ginuwine, and many others. He has currently released his debut EP "L.O.N.E.R." Which is a reflection of his life in ministry & his upbringing. Th3 Saga continues to make music that reaches the masses universally while standing firm in his Christian foundation. Stay tuned for more Th3 Saga on Indy's Point!
One of my favorite songs from his EP "L.O.N.E.R." titled "Temptation"

Introducing: FUGE

Jamelle Hassan Byard, also known as FUGE, is a Native of Philadelphia ready to leave his mark on the music industry. FUGE spent his adolescent years in West and North Philadelphia, where his interest for hip hop and musical greats from generations past, was sparked. Soon after, FUGE’s desire to pursue a career in hip-hop quickly solidified. As FUGE began to study his craft and musical icons that preceded him, he began to understand music as an art form; FUGE’s gift in music was influenced and shaped by working with hometown producers and talent. Catch Me If You Can is a compilation of songs where FUGE’s environment and personal experiences are used as his backdrop and inspiration to deliver to fans. FUGE’s undeniable Passion, drive and focus dedicated to his music are destined to make Catch Me If You Can a mixtape great. Stay tuned for more of  FUGE on Indy's Point!



Here's the line up for this month's B.E.T. Music Matters Showcase. Rappers Sonnie Carson and Kel Spencer. R&B singer Halley Small, gospel singer Johnathan McReynolds, and Love and Hip Hop's Amina Buddafly. They will be performing at S.O.B.'s this Tuesday at 8pm. The admission is FREE guys so come through and enjoy great LIVE music!