Long Live King Reese

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April 26th 2014, a young man was killed for doing the right thing. Darren Talington better known as "Reese" was killed for defending a woman when a drunk man hit the woman with a beer bottle. After he and the man stepped outside, another man ran up and shot him several times. (Full story on NJ.com) when the rumors of Reese being killed spread via Instagram and Twitter, Jersey City became  filled with rage. Nobody could believe what happened, and are still in shock and awe. I didn't personally know him, but my friends did and Reese's death for them came very close to home. The day he passed it rained and shortly after a rainbow appeared letting everybody know he made it into Heaven as a true "King". Nobody understands the logic behind people paying for doing the right thing, and nobody ever will. Death comes as a surprise so while you're here, tell everybody you love and care for them as much as possible. As long as you're here as his friends and family, never forget, "Long Live King Reese"

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 Derek Tunia, Jersey City artist painted a piece of artwork that he showed at the Tastemakers Event Arpil 27th at Club SHO. Derek didn't have a name for the piece he created, but with the recent turn of events, he proudly named it "King Reese". 

Jersey City rapper by the name of Drisco from the music group "Respect Grind" released a song in memory of Reese. (Listen Below)

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