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What do you get when Hip-Hop, reggae and a little old school music meet and get infused a lot of R&B Soul? What do you get when the line between lyrics and pure poetry becomes so blurred that you get engulfed in a sea of pure musical passion and energy. What do you get when intelligence and sensuality flow together to embrace you in absolute musical and lyrical excellence and transports you to a place in which there is nothing at that very moment but you and the music? YOU GET ART. YOU GET EXPRESSION. YOU GET PASSION. YOU GET STRENGTH. YOU GET CRE8IVEFREEDOM.
Cre8iveFreedom is a female singing/song writing duo based out of Columbia, South Carolina. These two college educated and incredibly down to earth women embody everything that music is. K. Ford, with her soulful and smooth R&B Vocals combines with LP's sultry Caribbean-Hip Hop flow to create a unique yet perfect blend of magic and artistry that the industry is ready to experience.
In 2009, the two women of Cre8ive Freedom met by chance while working in the same building. That day began the start of a beautiful musical collaboration. From the met, the women quickly realized that they both had an equal and unmatched passion for writing and performing music. And the rest is musical history.
The striking and intelligent K. Ford was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina where music filled her home. Every Saturday, K and her family bond while listening to musical greats such as Mary J. Blige and Boyz II Men. With her beautiful voice and her intense passion for music, she knew one day she would join their ranks one day. For her it all began in church at age 9 where she began singing on her church choir called the "Echoes". Since then, K. Ford has participated in many talent shows and competitions throughout her school years, winning several of them showcasing her remarkable voice. In high school K. Ford began writing poetry which served as the foundation for her skill as a songwriter. She now hopes to fashion that into a successful writing career.
K. Ford has been inspired and Influenced by some of music's greatest artist including, Lauryn Hill, Prince, Jill Scott, Sade, Erykah Badu, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. With determination and perseverance she hopes that she and LP will be listed among these great artists.
The other half of the writing duo, the dynamic L.P. was born In Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where music was a major part of her daily life. As a child, she would listen to all the music her grandmother played throughout the day, filling her mind with dreams of stardom. She grew up watching "YO MTV RAP" and BET, and was taken by the infectious sound of Hip Hop and R&B. When in elementary school, LP played in a steel pan orchestra, which was a major influence in the beginning of her musical journey. Like her counterpart K. Ford, she also began writing poetry, which in turn developed into her becoming a songwriter. Growing up LP has often and continues to perform her poetry pieces using her infectious flow, sultry voice, and vibrant personality to win over crowds.
L.P. is inspired by many of the industry élite such as, the late Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Whitney Houston, Jay Z, Missy Elliot, Kanye West, Damian Marley, and his father the incomparable Bob Marley. She believes that Cre8ive Freedom will be among this élite group of musical geniuses.
Cre8iveFreedom made their début at the Gripp Entertainment Label Release Party in August 2011. They brought the house down with their unique musical blend that took the crowd by storm. L.P.'s undeniable stage presence fused perfectly with K. Ford's captivating vocals to make a performance that will eventually be Grammy worthy. Cre8ive Freedom has worked with many local artists/producers in Columbia including J-Stylz, Swazzo, RnBStefon, and the Skyscrapers. Now they hope to carve their own niche in the music industry.
Cre8iveFreedom uses their music not only to entertain but also to teach. They use their voices to discuss their views on important and pressing social issues. They want to be known as more than just simply two talented women. Cre8ive wants to be seen as role models and finer examples of beauty, intellect and energy. They pride themselves with their grace and poise, and carry themselves dignity and strength, without losing femininity.
Cre8iveFreedom will take you back to the sound of Zhane', Floetry, Patra, and Lauryn Hill. They will have you reminiscing about love and have you thinking about life. Their music will take you on an emotional journey and leave you feeling like every work they write was written specifically for you. They are the past, present and future of music.
They are Cre8iveFreedom.
Just a sample of CRE8IVEFREEDOM Look for more of them on Indy's Point! Here's there music !

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