The Good F : Stupid Cancer!

I had the pleasure of speaking with an incredible woman by the name of Rosa Armstrong, founder of The Richburg Group. An event called "The Good F: an All Female Flag Football Tournament" which is raising awareness for cancer patients. Speaking to Rosa, she has the ultimate goal behind "The Good F" project.

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The Richburg Group : The Good F - All Female Flag Football Tournament will be taking place at the Aviator Sports and Event in Brooklyn , NY on August 24th from 1pm- 6pm.

"The Richburg group, headed up by Rosa Armstrong is an events production firm whose sole purpose is producing fundraisers for varied philanthropic causes. We are very strategic in out efforts -- capitalizing on the expansive reaches of social networking, which is our area of expertise! The Richburg Group’s “little black book” includes those whose IG, Vine, and twitter followings range from 20k - 500k followers of young adults.

Producing fundraising events has been the natural outgrowth for our passionate work in social media and the equal passion we have for raising awareness.We want to challenge ourselves and our generation to do great things! We know our generation has done great things online – now we want to join that success with the passion to help others!

In our efforts to raise money – we will be raising the visibility of our event through social media! We will provide the audience with an incredible treasure trove of images.We present these stories to the world, utilizing traditional as well as emerging technology, aware of where our audience exists and presented in the way the audience wants to experience it: on our website, our mobile app, dedicated YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. Additionally, we raise the visibility of the project and of individual designers through an aggressive and strategic public relations program.

We want to build a connection between today and the past, always making it fun and modern!
The Event / The Day of…

Round One
There will be two (2) wildcard games where four (4) teams will two (2) twenty minute games. The winners will advance into the tournament.

Round Two
Eight (8) teams will compete in four (4) twenty minute games. The winners will advance to the semi-finals.

Round Three
Four (4) teams will compete in two (2) forty minute games. The winners will advance to the championship.

Round Four
The final two (2) teams will compete in one (1) sixty minute final game for the championship.

Team Captains will include @Kaylin_Garcia@BerniceBurgos@Graciii3 of Nick Cannon's Wild n Out , and Julie Castaneda better known as @IamJuJu_and more."

Many people, from all over the world, have fought hard to raise money and awareness in efforts to combat cancer. However, never has there been a force as fun and entertaining as this one. “This All-Star female flag-football fundraiser is intended to empower young adults in a meaningful manner,” - Rosa Armstrong.


 Q&A with Rosa Armstrong

How did you get your start in Public Relations? "My ultimate goal was to help people. My passion is philanthropy, giving back and doing fundraisers. PR just became part of the job like many others. It's also about effecting change, building your own celebrity status, being able to use the fact that you're famous to effect change in the world."

This is the first time for a flag football tournament, based on the turn out will there be another one? "Yes, depending on the turn out I would like to try something different next year. A gala I think would be fun as well, to see everybody dressed up for a great cause."

Do you or anyone you know have direct contact to cancer? "Cancer runs in my family, it has shown me the importance of getting check ups and protecting your body. A lot of people are afraid to go to the doctor not knowing what's wrong with them. Hopefully raising social media awareness and outdoor activities can effect change."

How difficult was it to try and pull this event together? "Very difficult! Kaylin Garcia was the hardest to get in touch with. Getting women together period is challenging because everyone has different personalities. Not to mention this event is very costly. Once I explained the cause and the reasons behind "The Good F", everyone had no problem with agreeing."

Do you think social media has crippled physical action? "In some ways yes and no. I chose these women because they have a large social media following. There's power in retweeting, reposting, sharing etc. Then again, action is still needed. There's power in showing up & being there. There needs to be an uproar of social media and physical action."

Having this conversation with Rosa has definitely opened my eyes to the awareness of cancer and realizing how serious it is. We need to take more responsibility in going to the doctor, staying active and effect change. Stay tuned for more of The Good F updates here on Indy's Point!

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